My name is Justin Weaks. I'm called J, sometimes. Sometimes JWeaks. Sometimes BoogaWeaks; but that's just my mother. 

     I'm an actor and teaching artist working out of in NYC and Washington D.C. 

               I'm originally from Concord, NC right outside of Charlotte.

                                                                    Son of 3, brother of 2, uncle of 4, Father to none.

                                                                                  Caught the bug for performing at a young age and considered the gymnastics floor to be my stage for a while.

While performing on High Street in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2005, I quietly thought to myself "I want to be an actor. I don't want to do anything else with my life."

I graduated from Greensboro College in North Carolina with a B.A. in Theatre with an Acting emphasis in 2012.

                                       I am a member of Actors' Equity Association.

                                            I can recite the entirety of the 1988 film Adventures in Babysitting.

                                                         I have a strong affinity for Mexican Food.

                                  The Revolutionary Theatre by Amiri Baraka changed me.

                                                     Here's to all the different knobby-kneed brown boys trying to find their voice in the world!