....just a few kind words

Curve of Departure, 2017/18

"One of the year's most beautiful performances." 

           - The Washington Post, 2017

"an intense and moving performance [by Justin Weaks]."

           - DC MetroArts, 2017

Still Life With Rocket, 2017

"Weaks...gave [one of the] strongest performances. [His] physical energy, as well as his vocal modulation and speed, perfectly portrayed both Nathan's youthful innocence and strength...

          - MD Theatre Guide, 2017

The Jungle Book, 2017

"Special notice...should be given to Justin Weaks....marvelously in touch with his body

          - DC Theatre Scene, 2017

Charm, 2017

"In the tradition of actors who are unrecognizable from role to role, Weaks becomes an entirely new human as Jonelle, whose complex sexual identity he embodies with an astonishing physical and psychological dexterity."

           - The Washington Post, 2017

"...Weaks commands the stage no matter what he does."

            - DC MetroArts, 2017

Bud, Not Buddy, 2017

"But the night's real star was Justin Weaks as young Bud.....[Charlayne Woodard] and Weaks have an especially lovely, familial chemistry. Their interactions are generally the show's best moments."

          - DC Theatre Scene, 2017

The Christians, 2016 *Helen Hayes Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play

"an absolutely on fire Justin Weaks..."

           - DC MetroArts, 2016

"Weaks gives a stunning turn as Joshua..."

           - The Washington Blade

Lobby Hero, 2016

"This enthralling production...is at least as good as- if not better than- Playwright Horizon's original 2001 version."

         - The Wall Street Journal, 2016

"Weaks brings such intensity, inner power and quicksilver timing to the complex role..."

         - DC Metro Arts, 2016

Word Becomes Flesh (performed in rep with For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf) , 2016

"I can say, without hyperbole, it is one of the best and most innovative pieces of theatre I have ever seen..."

         - DC Theatre Scene, 2016

"...an extended [solo] by Weaks...absolutely astounds."

         - DC Metro Arts, 2015

Darius & Twig, 2015

"Weaks delivers a moving, kinetic performance as the emotional center of the show. His wide-eyed enthusiasm and gift of rhythm keep the play moving along on an infectious current of spoken word."

        - DC Theatre Scene, 2015

Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea, 2015

"The part of Dontrell is played by Justin Weaks, whose performance is extraordinary. Weaks’s portrayal melds the [different] parts of Dontrell into a transfixing singular presence that propels the action through all its stylistic shifts and diction switching not only with believability and continuity but with star quality."

        -DC Metro Arts, 2015

"Weaks may be one of the most physically and emotionally present …actors I’ve seen in a while. [He] makes Dontrell feel alive and complete, greater than the text on the page and more encompassingly human. "

        - DC Theatre Scene, 2015

"...played with winning innocence by the wiry Justin Weaks"

        - The Washington Post, 2015

Joan, the Girl of Arc, 2014:

"Weaks does a wonderful job...morphing from a confident, dismissive priest into the teenage Dauphin prince – two completely different characters – and makes it look easy.  There’s something very engaging about his energy…"    

    - The Sappy Critic, 2014

Les Faux Pas, Or the Counterplots,  2013:

"But it's Justin Weaks, an inspired clown with a Gumby body, who really steals the show as the lunkheaded would-be Romeo."

    - The Valley Advocate, 2013

The Venetian Twins, 2011:

"Seeing to Beatrice's safety en route is Tonino's best bud, Florindo, buoyant Justin Weaks, who appears immune to the restraints of gravity. 

    - The Boston Globe, 2011